The Made In Nigeria Conference and Exhibition is a one day social investment initiative of The Made In Nigeria Project that aims to empower young entrepreneurs, SMEs, startups with the focus on the growth of Large, Medium and Small Enterprises, which are pivotal to our national aspiration towards self-sufficiency and overcoming the challenges of job creation.

The Made In Nigeria Conference& Exhibition is designed and modelled as a capacity building, networking and empowerment initiative which aims to provide and also pragmatically address Government’s role in the development and support to entrepreneurs, start up business owners and SMEs.

The capacity of Nigeria to favorably compete in the global SME markets depends largely on its ability to innovate and apply the relevant mechanisms to SME Industry and other similar productive sectors to reduce the rate of unemployment and increase the opportunities for Job Creation. Our focus on the growth of micro-small and medium scale enterprises hinges on our position on the role SMEs play in economic growth, which are cardinal frontiers on our national goal towards self-sufficiency.

To be featured at the Made In Nigeria Conference &Exhibition include a Keynote Address, Presentations, Made In Nigeria Exhibition hubs, Documentary, Pragmatic panel sessions that will focus on Nigeria as she stands, the strength of her human capital, her growth trajectory, the role of SMEs towards economic growth and advancement , the potentials of her resources and the opportunities that abound.

The Made In Nigeria Conference and Exhibition in its previous editions has hosted a myriad of notable speakers in the Nigerian space who have commenced and reiterated the achievements and potentials for growth in Nigeria’s SME sector.


In Nigeria, there were 37 Million micro scale and medium enterprises in 2013 which collectively employed some 59.7 million people, representing 84 percent of the labor force, according to the most recent data from the National Bureau of statistics. Their contribution to nominal GDP stood at 48.4 percent, while exports contribution was 7.27 percent.

Also, the role of home-grown local businesses cannot be over emphasized as Made In Nigeria products accounted for 68.9 percent contribution recorded in 2011. The non-oil and informal sector is a significant contributor to Nigeria’s GDP. SMEs account for half of Nigeria’s GDP yearly. In 2012 it accounted for over 25% of Nigeria’s employment.

Our willingness to propel and sustain the growth and development of this sector requires serious investment in the generation of knowledge that meets the demand of our society, fosters stability and sustains growth according to the international standards in the development goals.

This is the most comprehensive trade exposition in Nigeria for Entrepreneurs, SMEs, and startups with the mission to bring together investors, innovators, entrepreneurs, policy makers, business community and relevant stakeholders who are directly and actively involved in SME growth and advancement.

We will also partner with public regulators and the organized private sector to ensure that SME’s in the country are viable enough to access federal Government floated SMEs funds as we as private start-up capital through intervention funds. We shall also be entrenching SMEs as a central part of National policy as a form of economic integration by ensuring that youthful entrepreneurs who are National economic assets are empowered by this initiative.

Together with the conference and exhibition being a stepping stone to achieving the MDG’s goals and vision 2021. If we also raise awareness against the hurdles that local entrepreneurs have to face to grow. The Made In Nigeria Conference & Exhibition will encourage many youth entrepreneurs to take the next step towards realizing their entrepreneurial dreams and aspirations as valid on Nigerian soil.

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Promote Made In Nigeria as the new economic frontier.

Provide the framework for transformational and economic development with a new national vision, set of value, cohesion and a sense of belonging with common purpose and resolve which will further motivate Nigerians into contributing their quota in the pursuit of National greatness.

To promote innovation and entrepreneurship to move ideas from business incubation to targeted market.

Propose policies and programs to implement strategies to support inclusive growth, job creation and sustainable development in Nigeria.

Strengthen public- private partnerships between SMEs, Government and stakeholders.

To establish a knowledge sharing platform to assist entrepreneurs and Innovators with networking in the areas of SME support and finding the necessary information needed to develop, finance and implement their ideas.

To Showcase entrepreneurial machinations by harnessing and celebrating the existing innovative solutions.

Promote Made In Nigeria and home grown businesses as the new economic frontier.