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The Made In Nigeria Conference & Exhibition is the most inclusive gathering of Business leaders, policy makers, SMEs, established entrepreneurs to share insights, forge partnerships and create solutions to accelerate the growth, development and advancement of the Nigerian Economy.


Depth - Now in it's fourth year, The Made In Nigeria Conference & Exhibition has grown to become one of the leading Conferences in Nigeria where Business, Government and Ideas people meet.

Trusted - We have access to some of the most influential decision makers in Government, the private sector across the country. Our Agenda seeks to offer unique perspectives on the opportunities, prospects for a self suffiecient and Made In Nigeria driven Economy.

This is the most comprehensive trade exposition in Nigeria for organizations, entrepreneurs, SMEs and start-ups with the mission to bring together investors, innovators, thought leaders, entrepreneurs. This is the most comprehensive trade exposition in Nigeria for organizations, Entrepreneurs, SMEspreneurs, policy makers, the business community, and relevant stakeholders who are directly and actively involved in MSME growth, Economic and National advancement. We have entered partnership with public regulators and the organized private sector to ensure that SMEs in the country are viable enough to access Federal Government's floated MSME funds as well as private start-up capital through intervention funds.

The informal sector provides us with the opportunity to look inwards and also the framework for diversification. We shall through this edition also be entrenching SMEs as a central part of National policy as a form of Economic integration by ensuring that youthful entrepreneurs who are National economic assets are empowered by this initiative.

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