We need you

Unity & Partnership is highly essential towards the reality of The Made In Nigeria Conference (with its huge potential to MSMEs growth, empowerment, capacity building, social development and Nation Building). It is in this vein that we solicit tat you join us as we go about our quest to birthing more ideas and innovative solutions that will aid social change, economic growth, SME advancement and National Transformation.

This proposed formed partnership will mutually benefit us by providing a great deal of value and social capital for your organization towards fulfilling its strategic goals as well as to swing you closer to the domestic community and portray your organization as one who is is concerned about MSMEs Growth & Advancement, Economic Development, Capacity Building, Social Development and the interest of the Nation.

More so, this initiative provides you with an opportunity to benefit greatly from a highly sought after platform, to share your organization's objectives, views, and connect with a keenly interested audience.









For Sponsorships reach out to: sponsorships@madeinnigeriaproject.org